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The Linguistics Society of Southern Africa is broadly dedicated to promoting the discipline of Linguistics and to fostering research excellence concerning all the languages of Southern Africa.

Welcome to the site, whether you are a casual browser interested in languages, linguistics or an active member of the society.

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Unisa vacancy/Unisa vakature: Lektor/Junior Lektor: Afrikaanse Taalkunde
'n Permanente pos aan die Departement Afrikaans en ALW, UNISA.

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2014 Joint SAALA/SAALT/LSSA Conference

Language: Synergies and Intersections - 24-27 June 2014
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

The 2014 conference focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of linguistics in the field of language competence and use. This meeting aims to showcase the current diversity of the field of linguistics and the blurring of the boundaries between linguistics and other domains of study concerned with the structure, function and value of language.


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