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The Linguistics Society of Southern Africa is broadly dedicated to promoting the discipline of Linguistics and to fostering research excellence concerning all the languages of Southern Africa.

Welcome to the site, whether you are a casual browser interested in languages, linguistics or an active member of the society.

For information on the Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies journal (SALALS) use the link under the 'Journal' menu on the right.


Dear LSSA members

We are very pleased to announce that LSSA and SAALA have now merged to create a new society named SALALS (Southern African Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Society).

We have polled members of both societies and 100% of votes cast supported the new constitution. This process has been in the making for a while and we would like to thank all our members for their patience and continuing support for this important project.

We have also proposed a new logo which incorporates aspects of both the LSSA and SAALA. The holding hands logo is from the LSSA and is also the logo of the journal so it maximizes the branding identity between the new society and the journal. The picture of holding hands on a Southern Africa outline is also quite appropriate to the context and to the merge. The orange banner with white text is from the SAALA logo. So there is a bit of both societies in the new logo and we simultaneously maximize the continuity from the old societies while clearly creating something new.

The executives of the two societies have been merged in a single executive. We are currently working our way through a number of issues such as our website, social media presence, banking and membership systems. We will report back to you as these sub-projects are completed.

We would also like to reassure all our members and supporters that our shared projects such as the Journal and the annual conference are safeguarded and will continue as normal and there will be no disruption of the activities of societies as the new society takes over those functions.

We believe that the new society will greatly enhance our ability to promote the linguistic and language disciplines in Southern Africa and to promote transformation of our disciplines. This is the culmination of many years of working closely together.

Thank you once more,
The SALALS Executive


International Congress of Linguistis 2018
2-6 July 2018, Cape Town, South Africa

Interpreting terminology
AFRICAN SUN MeDIA published this reference work for clear and accurate communication about interpreting in a South African context. No less than 168 terms on the theory and practice of interpreting are included in five languages: English, Dutch, Afrikaans, Northern Sotho and Zulu. Each term is clearly defined in English, Dutch and Afrikaans, and supplemented with comments, examples, antonyms, synonyms and cross-references where possible or required. Translation equivalents in Northern Sotho and Zulu are provided. The compilers are both lecturers at the University of Johannesburg, responsible for the training of language practitioners, including interpreters. Also available as an e-book.

Book launch (23/30 May)

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